by Jon Turner

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released March 9, 2019


all rights reserved



Jon Turner Bradford On Avon, UK

I've produced a shedload of music over the years.

Formerly writer/singer/keyboard player of The 20th Century F*xes,The Wounded Popes and Master Master.
Latterly several albums as FeNN, 4.Chil4, Beat SuspecT, and under my own name, all of which I release under the Expecting Silence umbrellla
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Track Name: Have You Heard?
I finally heard
We can hear the words
We can believe in

Have you heard
Can you hear the words
Have you heard the words
We can believe in?

Have you heard
Something to believe in?
Track Name: Rays
Coming close are sharp
In the dark
Won’t defend you
Coming fast

Coming fast are sharp
They won’t defend you
In the dark

Coming fast
Are sharp
They won’t defend you
Track Name: Conversation
I can’t count the times
We’ve had this conversation
Going out of my mind
With all the complications

I keep asking you
The exact same questions
But hearing your reply
Just lowers expectations

We can’t keep having this conversation

The wireless sea
Is just too much distance
Could I be closer
Just in this instance?

To help you decide
Or for your protection
A path through the mines
Making a connection

We can’t keep having this conversation
Track Name: Sudden
What brings you here?
So sudden

Dream your dreams
Sing your song
Is that why you come?
Track Name: Don't Blame Me
Don’t blame me
You know I’ll never take the blame

Don’t frame me
I’m never in the frame
Track Name: Perfect
Returning to the place
I couldn’t find your face
You’re running in the race
We couldn’t win
We never tried
It wouldn’t hold water
I never said
That it ought to
But maybe could

Maybe it could
Have been different
Been lighter
Been quieter
Been enough of a thing
That we’d have to relent
Have to invent
A new reality
A new device
A new place
Track Name: Old
I’m looking out
But I can only see the window
And in the glass
My reflection growing so cold

I know there’s more
I remember seeing through you
It seemed to matter then
But maybe I was just a fool

We’re growing old

Things that mattered then
Seem nothing more than grains of sand
The benefit of time
Seems like an overplayed hand

There’s a shadow coming close
Look there, I think it saw me
If I can look away
Then maybe it will ignore me

We’re growing old
Track Name: Leaders
I couldn’t take the drink
And I’ll wish that I’m not there
How are you doing?
We have troubles of our own

And the boat’s not going
Where it’s supposed to go
But we’ll take care of you
Drive you down the road

The waves too high
The wind too low
Not sure if we’ll make it
We might overblow

Where we go is easy enough
We don’t need to burden you with stuff
There’s a truth waiting here
We just need to conquer our fear

And I don’t follow leaders
We can believe in
Track Name: Future
You just made a pillow
In the snow
So lie you head down
In the cold
And let me guide you
While I hold
Your dreams above you

I just saw our future
Growing old
Trying to explain
Why we failed
But that’s not the future
That’s right niow
And they’re waiting for our answers

So maybe I’ll just join you
In the dark
Our heads are buried
In the past
It’s not our problem
That we left
No future for them

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