Times Like These

by Jon Turner

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This is a mixed bag of vocal tracks, some very old, some re-imagined, some more recent and one brand new.
If you are searching for my more instrumental-based house- and techno-leaning music then this wouldn't be the place to look.
The best starting point for that sort of music would be the two compilations:
Expecting Silence
For the Future For the Past


released April 7, 2018


all rights reserved



Jon Turner Bradford On Avon, UK

I've produced a shedload of music over the years.

Formerly writer/singer/keyboard player of The 20th Century F*xes,The Wounded Popes and Master Master.
Latterly several albums as FeNN, 4.Chil4, Beat SuspecT, and under my own name, all of which I release under the Expecting Silence umbrellla
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Track Name: The City
As evening flirts with the night
I see you in the half-light
You said "I've been here before"
I said " i'll show you the score"

And everything will turn out alright
I'll see you in the city tonight

And from the look in your eyes
There could be no compromise
We're having just the time of our lives
Careening round the city tonight

You turn your face from the dawn
Your night will never be done
And when you're closing your eyes
You know the night never dies

But everything was getting too tight
You're sleeping in the city tonight

And when we saw you inside
It wasn't clear what we'd find

Now everything is fading from sight
You won't be in the city tonight

Track Name: Warsaw
I see you running through the patterns in the air
I see the badges and the symbols that you wear
I see you searching through the patterns of your mind
I see the unexplored emotions that you find


I can try to help you understand
I can try to help you understand

I see you looking for the answers in the air
You compromise with prayer
Although there's really no position to compare

You know you can't expect to take away the blame
Unless you try and change
Our private ideologies remain

Track Name: Places
Taking orders
Controlling our destiny
I don't know why we're living in slavery
Why do we let people lead us?

I see the lamplight on the corner of your street
I don't know why you want to live there
So different from the places
Where we used to meet
I can't believe you really live here

Nobody really lives here

Creating borders
Changing identity
Turning aside and losing ever
Time we talk to those who need us

They see the shadows on the corner of your street
They can't conceive who'd want to live here
So different from the places
Where you used to meet
Nobody really lives here

Nobody really lives here
Track Name: Another Sign
Come kneel beside me
Come on and take me at my word
Just follow quietly
And see the circle turn

Fall into my arms my dear
And speak the words you'll never hear
There's a question in your eyes

Always by me
Be sure to carry me a light
Always by me
Play around with me

The question mark's another sign
It's coming closer to our time
Another sign
It's coming closer to our time

What can you show me?
As much as I can fantasise
You think you know me
But look into my eyes

Fall into my paradise
You'll see the world as clear as ice
But you'll never realise
That you can leave me paralysed

It's dark inside
Nowhere to hide
So make a home and ride

The question mark's another sign
It's coming closer to our time
Another sign
It's coming closer to our time
Track Name: I Don't Mind
I don't mind
If you stay around with me
I don't mind
If you play around with me
You can see
That I've still got time for you
You can see
That I'm still not tired of you

I'm not blind
As I know you don't mind me
It might be kind
If we told it honestly
It might be easy
If we hadn't got a clue
So let's pretend
That we don't know what to do
Track Name: After (You'd Better Believe It)
You say
You say
Please stay
Don't go away

You'd better believe it

Please stay
You say
Don't go away

You'd better believe it

We'll find
Peace of mind
Be kind
We'll find a way
(Something happened)

You'd better believe it

(Something happened)

You'd better believe it
Track Name: Ballad of Jean
I was born on a rain-battered plain
Pain and anger for the taking
First to get there was the first to survive
Wouldn't be there for the autumn

Are you gonna cross me?

Raise my eyes up. How far can i see?
That's the place I am going
I am gone with the first fall of leaves
Couldn't know that you'd be waiting

And you came across me

We've been together these last thirty years
I should have know where it was leading
And now my eyes, I don't think they deceive
They're telling me that you'll be leaving

Are you gonna cross me?
Track Name: Warn You
I walk beside you every day
I catch your eye but look away
It's easy to pretend that way
That anything I do or say
Could have warned you

Ask me what I think we'll do
On this perfect afternoon
Streaming ribbons in the air
Something catching in your hair
Could have warned you

Times like these aren't built to last
Captured in a photograph
On this perfect afternoon
Who really wants to hear that tune
I could have warned you
Track Name: 4.Chil4 - Shades of Truth
I find myself awake at night
As if escaping from the light
It's been going on so long
The effort seems to make me strong
I can't identify the day
Or why it always seems to say
That I should wait until it's gone
And feel at home when I'm alone

I'm coming home

I never really left
It was a necessary theft
I didn't know it at the time
But now you're back I know you're mine

I'm coming home

And so the different shades of truth
We pour out in the circus booth
(And populate our waking hours)
We're not saying anymore
It could be written on the floor
But I'm happy just to be undone

I'm coming home
Track Name: 4.Chil4 - Lucky Ones
It seems to me
We're as free as we want to be
We're the lucky ones

We couldn't even speak
From the other side
Or we'd have to hide
If we were the lucky ones

And we lucky ones
Should be fighting for our fallen ones
So why aren't we?

Are we the lucky ones?

To often lacking
Too often missing
Too often talk
With no possible results

Are we the lucky ones?

I am a lucky one
We're the lucky ones
Track Name: Behind the Curtain
I've lost another night out in the fog
Can you tell me if it was important?
Or have I done it before?
Another one notched on the door

What's behind the curtain?

After I've asked myself if it was really
Everything I've made it to be
When I spent half the night ending
The sentence I started before I left

What's behind the curtain?
Track Name: The Day Before
You could have
Stayed in bed today
Decided not to play
Gone out another day
Gone a different way

This is the day before

You could have
Walked at a slower pace
Stood in a different place
Talked to another face
There but for the grace

This is the day before
Track Name: Strange Day
Been having a strange day
Not exactly lost
And not exactly found

It didn't go my way
Wouldn't feel so bad
If you were still around

Been having a strange day

You're making the wrong call
I'll never understand
Why you wanted to drown

I'll be there when you fall
Sometime the day will come
When you need me around

Been having a strange day
Track Name: Chaos Theory
Sudden, sudden
There you go again

Sudden, sudden
Where the light is thin

Sudden, sudden
I tried to let you in

Sudden, sudden
This place you'd never been

But it doesn't feel the same
I can't get off fthis train
Riding the new terrain
Of your chaos theory

Sudden, sudden
There you go again

Sudden, sudden
Emotions wearing thin

Sudden, sudden
You greet me with a grin

Sudden, sudden
Expect me to begin

But it doesn't feel the same
I can't get off fthis train
Riding the new terrain
Of your chaos theory
Track Name: Crash Pad
We can be in two places at once
Like quarks in some quantum-mechanical dance
I've seen a butterfly
Beat it's wings in all the wrong places
I've seen birds that fly
Looked into their startled faces

Fly me home

We couldn't ask for a magical ticket to Mars
The darkest matter couldn't make it work
Even if we asked
So when we understand
The secrets that make it all happen
Will we then change our paths
Or just pretend it really doesn't matter?

Fly me home

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